Stone artifacts

?? large number of chert tools, such as scrapers, burins, and macroblades were unearthed in Drakaina Cave. One such interesting lithic assemblage provided us with 210 projectile points of various morphofunctional classes . It should be stressed that, despite the evidence for in situ chert tool manufacture, some skillfully treated projectiles seem to have been brought into the cave as finished objects. This applies especially to projectiles that are made of red chert and which are of a local provenance, as well as to those which are made of honey chert and which were undoubtedly imported to the island. Some other stone artefacts, such as several small-sized stone celts made of gabbro , were also transported to the island through interregional networks. Finally the large assemblage of ground stone tools comprise 437 artefacts. This assemblage consists of grinding tools, used in a stable,or mobile mode, small and large-sized hammerstones, as well as of a great variety of pebble tools used for performing tasks of abrasion and polishing.

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